Wednesday, May 16, 2007

random boybarian thoughts.

the duke and i were sitting on the porch yesterday while he did his school work and i tried to recover from my physical therapy appointment...sure it was six hours earlier, but it takes me awhile to get over acute trauma...

so, we're sitting there when the duke looks up and asks

"do you think ants have feelings?"

"well, i don't know for sure because no ant has ever told me, but i'm pretty sure any living thing has the ability to feel or at least sense"

brief pause

"well, that doesn't make vegetarians and carnivores much different, does it?"

i am so not touching that.

good luck, duke.

so later wingman and i are headed out in the car (i might get my truck back today after oh like three months in frankenstein's garage, but that's another story) and in the time it took me to turn on the car, put it in reverse, reverse, and head down the driveway we had the following conversation

"mama, what is a retirement home?"

"well, it's a place people who are older and who no longer work go to live with other people like them...or it can be a place people buy separ-"

"are super heroes real?"

"well, i've never met one but if you think-"

"did my piano teacher have her baby?"

all that and we hadn't reached the mailbox yet!

and then today wingman outlined exactly what he would like for and who he plans to invite to his birthday january.

and if i know him he'll stick to that plan like glue...oh, he'll add to it here and there when he gets a whim, but for the most part what he decides now is set...

until the day before his party when i'm about to make the cake...that's when he'll change his mind and the theme of the party...


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