Tuesday, May 29, 2007

check the plug, yo.

so you know how you hear those stories about people calling in the plumber or washing machine repair main in a frantic snit because their washer stopped working?...only to find they hadn't checked the cord and it ended up costing them the bill for the visit?

and then you smugly think, gawd, what an idiot.

so this morning i go out to wash baseball clothes and uniforms, which seems to be my new destiny in life, and i go to turn on the washing machine and nothin'...bupkus.

immediately i went through the whole oh. my. gawd. the washing machine is broken!...it's only a few years old!...now i'll have to call the repair guy!...that's gonna cost me a fortune and i'll have to wait because it's going to be hot today and people are probably already calling about air conditioners and fans and stuff!...and my mud porch is a MESS!...i'll have to clean it before he gets here!...oh geeze why this today!

and then i remembered the plug.

i looked behind the machine and yup, sure enough it was unplugged.

turns out when i was getting the flag down yesterday to fly for memorial day from the shelves above the washer/dryer it had dropped and when i fetched it i inadvertently unplugged the washer...

i wish i wasn't such an emotional why me? half-wit when faced with the smallest difficulty...i automatically go into worst case scenario mode and it takes full minutes before i calm down enough to realize there may actually be nothing wrong.

which of course is always a let down for a drama queen like me.

because then i have no *real* story to tell and you get posts like this.


in other news i will be taping off my bedroom today in hopes of actually painting...sometime this week...right.

no really, i am aiming high!...once the duke has started school for the day and i have wingman ensconced in some activity it's me and the blue painter's tape...

chocolate walls.

ceiling in vintage map (kinda a real subtle tiffany blue)

trim in chamois cloth (kinda a creamy cream color)

"creamy cream"?...i know. but it's the best i could come up with.

now, i don't know if this will work...i am guessing here on a palette made up of different things i've seen...BUT, considering that room hasn't been painted in about 30 years, and badly done to begin with, i think i'm good.

i always did like the low hurdles the best.


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kkr said...

The plug thing is SO me. And I like your colors. I'm a sucker for color names. If I don't like the name, I won't choose it. Man, do I have some weird ocd traits!!!

Enjoy the painting and send pics!