Thursday, May 17, 2007

i might as well have called her mother a whore.

at baseball practice yesterday i had the following conversation with one of the other mothers...she's older than me by quite a lot...but still!...anyhow, she is telling me about her own mother who at 88 has become something of a political activist...especially so in women's i say

" she's discovering the feminist within"

"oh!...NOT. AT. ALL...she's still very much a lady...she's careful with her dress and is impeccable with her language and manners...and she's still quite the consummate hostess"

you should have seen the look on her face!

you should have seen the look on my soul.

and yes, she went on describe how, in her opinion, society has become too feminized...we are too squeamish and not letting our boys become men...they are too soft...too many boys being raised by single mothers...and you know how she said it it was as if it was the single mothers who were at fault...OF COURSE!...and absolutely nothing about the dads and their roles/non roles in all of it...

you know if she actually used the word "damned" she would have used it to describe the feminists...she nearly couldn't even say feminist what with the severe purse of her lips...

oh yeah, and home schoolers have a problem with proper socialization of their children.


you know it exists, but when faced with it it's actually quite shocking...i'm sure my mouth wanted to hang to the ground, but the fixed and frozen smile on my face prevented it...

sometimes i completely forget where i live...

well, not live as much as endure.


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