Monday, June 20, 2005

i don't know, you tell me...

while on a hike in the beautiful woods this weekend the duke of fun took a little moment behind a tree to go pee, and came back saying

"the forest is just one big toilet!"

i looked at the lord of the ring and said

"yup, he's got to be a republican"

and because i get this question a lot, including this very afternoon, i offer the following

a refresher course in the cast of characters here at the big red house

the lord of the ring is the husband

the duke of fun is the first born, 8

wingman is the little brother, 4

the bag lady in paris is my mother (or so she says)

stoveman is my dad

the dying cat was our cat who is dying but mostly pissing me off in a BIG way, but i shall now refer to her as p. kitty just because

there are many others, but they are fairly self explanatory...and hell, send me a wad of cash and i'll give you a name and work you into the cast!...

and back to the *i don't know, you tell me* file, i saw a minivan on saturday and stopped to admire it...

i'm choosing to believe that it's because my car is so on it's last spark plug that as a result any. thing. is looking good, but i don't's a shake-up of my fundamental core value system is what it is...the minivan is the gateway car...then what's next?...a shake for breakfast, one for lunch, and a sensible dinner?...white keds? sized sweatshirts with children's movie characters on them? undeniable love for josh groban?...

it's a damned good thing i got my tattoos when i did...there's nothing like a grown woman with a disney character tattooed on her ankle and a steering wheel cover to match...


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