Wednesday, June 08, 2005

as i lay dying...

heard from the dining room

the duke of fun : "i just saw a mouse run from the stove behind the fridge!"

wingman : matter of factly while he eats his sandwich "there's pawbabwy (probably) gallons of them under the sink"

heard from the kitchen


me: "hey, what was that?"

the duke of fun: shouting from the general direction of the thud "oh...that was just the new tub of jam hitting the floor and spilling...but don't worry!...there's a whole drawerful of kitchen towels here to clean it up!!...and boy, i might have to use ALL of them!"

denial of recent events and their future implications is quite easy when all you *can* do is close your eyes...

thankfully the fever is gone...

i just hope that mouse enjoyed the jam...


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