Monday, February 07, 2005

one month is the new dog year...


let's see i haven't been here in about a billion years and there is much to report...but, i won't even month around here is like a dog's year...

but, i will touch upon some highlights of the past month...

*the lord of the ring lost his job
*wingman turned 4 (upon which i learned that he doesn't really like the hoopla of a birthday...???...more on this to come)
*the duke has discovered a GREAT love of ancient battles, where they occurred, the rulers/leaders and the weapons particular to each battle
*the duke has begun to scare me more and more
*the lord of the ring got offered a GREAT job
*the lord of the ring accepted the aforementioned GREAT job
*the lord of the ring turned 40 (apparently, 40 is the new 30...whatever that means...i cannot stand those kinds of the polka dot is the new plaid or whatever else they dream up...when they come out with the fat ass is the new "whatever" then we'll talk)
*wingman decided to never cut his hair
*the lord of the ring started his GREAT new job
*the lord of the ring spends the week at some schmancy hotel california what a lovely place working at his GREAT new job and we get him on the weekends
*the lord of the ring says it's temporary
*the lord of the ring is known to favor optimism in the face of not really quite knowing exactly how "temporary" temporary is
*the bag lady in paris moved to the lone star state
*the duke lost his front tooth
*the tooth fairy forgot to take the tooth and leave the dough
*the duke accepted his parent's cockamamie excuse as to why the tooth fairy didn't come
*the duke's parents decided to lay off the sauce the next night until after the duke fell asleep and the tooth fairy did her job
*the lord of the ring is giddily happy with his GREAT new job
*the lord of the ring misses us
*we miss the lord of the ring
*the lord of the ring gets to charge room service at hotel california what a lovely place to his employer
*we're having meatloaf

so, that's what has been happening here at the big red house...

and just in case you're wondering what i have been up to the past month...

*sillymortalmama has been biding her time until she could get back here meanwhile daily perfecting her graceful arc toward truly insane

in other words, nothing much has changed...


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