Tuesday, February 08, 2005

my day, thus far...

the duke of fun is a really awesome human being...

that being said, he is sometimes so odd...

the following came out of his mouth just this morning...imagine a whole day with him...a week...a year...eighteen years by law!

upon seeing me open a new pack of drawing paper for he and wingman he said

"oh good...new papyrus"

he came up to me with a big illustrated history of the world book in hand and obviously pleased with himself he said

"i am going to go and read this to distract myself so i don't physically harm my brother...isn't that a good idea?"

when i told him it was time to get dressed, make his bed, and brush his teeth he held up the aforementioned history book and said

"i am too busy educating myself...sorry"

upon my mentioning that i have upped his cursive writing requirements during spelling he sang the following for the length of the work

"why are you torturing me
why are you torturing me
hi ho the dairy oh
why are you torturing me"

sigh...i would like to say the following to the duke

"BRAVO! you are channeling your restlessness that more often than not turns into a fun and exciting activity known as *must aggressively bug younger brother* to reading about all the past aggression that has gotten our world to where it is!"

"BRAVO! that instead of whining the whole way through your work that is, and i quote, 'simply NOT necessary' you sing a cute and mildly amusing (i am about as cheerful as a bag full of weasels most days...i am not easily amused, to be sure) ditty...albeit off key and loudly"

fortunately, i simply can't!...because BRAVO! it is rest time and the duke is thankfully tucked away upstairs for one blessed hour...ahhh...

oh, i know what you're thinking...sixty minutes doesn't seem like a lot...

but trust me, it is...


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