Wednesday, March 18, 2009

your moment(s) of zen.

before i get to today's post i want to wish you all a happy belated st. patrick's day. the bag lady in paris e-mailed me this morning concerned because i didn't put up my usual "snakes, my ass" post.

rest assured that if i had posted yesterday it would have been very similar to all the years past. right down to my disparaging of the the wanker st. patrick AND involving the same exact menu down to the last tasty morsel. (though we celebrated with that on saturday.)

moving right along, today's moment(s) of zen have been bouncing about the web for awhile now so forgive me if it's a repeat for any of you.


with so much in the world today that is decidedly dark and gloomy, how could it all be bad when we've got this little girl in it?

i present to you KITTENS! in all its sweetly jacked up glory.


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