Friday, March 17, 2006

snakes, my ass...

well folks, it's that day of the year annual "snakes, my ass" post...

i suppose it doesn't need to be said that i am not overly fond of st. patrick and his religious shenanigans...i believe i called him a "wanker" last year and i'm confident that nothing has changed since then so it stands...but my deep love for ireland, my slim hold on some irish ancestry, and unnerving appreciation of beer prompts me to celebrate this day in style!

i will reprise my corned beef meal of the past few years with just a bit of tweaking...

corned beef
irish soda bread
chocolate guinness cake
black & tans or arf n' arfs as my grandpa calls them

this year i am baking my irish soda bread in a dutch oven and see how that works...and i am adding a chocolate guinness cake for's one of nigella's recipes and while i've never tried it it looks absolutely's a dark gooey tangy moist cake with a frothy cream cheese top slightly resembling a pint of guinness...

plus i don't have to sacrifice but a bottle of the good stuff for the cake!

it may not bode well for today that the conversation that took place between the lord of the ring and i a few moments ago went something like this...i said

"hey, when you go to the store we need more harp (i prefer this to bass in a black & tan...which then technically here in america changes the name of this particular pairing from a black & tan to a it what you will, just pass me a pint in the meantime ) and guinness...oh and bay leaves"

"harp, guinness, bailey' it"

"no, bay leaves, not bailey's"

"oh, i guess i was just getting into the spirit of things"

"it's 7:30 in the morning"


so happy st. patrick's day and once again i implore you to PLEASE not ruin perfectly good beer with green food coloring!!...there are other less asinine ways to celebrate a day that technically honors an ass...

oh and to auntieEN, my favorite irish lass, only you would find yourself in india on st. patrick's day!!...i miss you terribly and will have a pint or three in your honor...


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