Thursday, March 19, 2009

funny funny man.

we were laughing yesterday because the duke was commenting that his "Wii age" based on the fitness challenge given was going between 35 and 54. we don't have Wii fit, it was just some activity on the Wii to gauge it.

he mentioned it wasn't really calibrated for kids his age but wondered if he could lower it from being so old. i did not take that opportunity to explain to him that that's not "old" as it wouldn't have done a bit of good.

wingman got his down to 51 from 52. as you can imagine, he is stoked.

anyway, later on we went to the store and i was commenting how the four of us are ALWAYS together! and how here we were, per usual, going to the store in a little pack, like ducks or lemmings.

so i said laughing

"good lord you guys will probably never move out! how could we stand to ever part at this rate!"

and the duke said in all his dry and snarky glory

"i'm moving out when my Wii age hits 20 and not a minute before!"


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