Wednesday, January 07, 2009

your moment(s) of zen.

i'm not a big "art" person.

meaning, i like art, sure. there are some things that really call to me, sure. i have a museum membership, i put stuff up on my walls. you know, the usual.

but i'm not huge on getting all crazy about certain pieces of art, or artists, or "art stars."

there are times i see famous pieces that everybody's crazy for and i'm like "i don't get it."

i don't say it out loud, of course, i just don't get it. quietly. on the inside.

it's two blotches and a smear. or one solid black box. or, well, you get the picture. or, if you're like me, you DON'T. ha ha ha.

i understand about interpretation and all that, but there's a LOT i don't get it.

now, i feel the same about groups of people. i'm not a big group person. not a joiner.

and what's even worse, what sends my blood running cold is a group of people all creating something together. like a big group sing along. like a big group dance. like art. a big group of people doing some big art project together. the thought makes me crazy.

i know it's because i'm a control freak. i know it's because i have some smidgen of adult onset ADHD (hypo, not hyper). i know it's because, well it's because i'd rather stand in the corner and make snide remarks than join in. because i'm not a joiner, because i'm shy, because i'm not that interested, and so that's how i mask all that. the snideness.

plus, being snide is fun. as long as you keep it to yourself. or, you know, blog about it.

and i'm fine with that. i own that part of myself.

but, that being said, i know, and am related to, and am dear friends with PLENTY of people who could be labeled as an "artist." and i can honestly say that there are lots of things each of them do that i apreciate, understand, and even really really really like! in fact, above this very desk i am planted at are no less than 5 fabulous pieces from a friend i like to call THATgirl! she's a fabulous artist and is all up into the art world AND even teaches art. or something related to art. i always forget.

and the pieces are great! and they make me happy to look at them! and i am so happy and honored she would give them to me. PLUS wingman is showing a great deal of interest and talent in the artistic pursuits. and that makes me as pleased as punch.

so, i'm not a total curmudgeon. yet.

which brings me to my sort of point. creating.

creating is an interesting concept. i love the idea of having an idea, or no idea at all!, and creating something from that. or from nothing. it could be the mother in me the writer in me the cook in me, but i really really understand creating.

and to create, you need only the will to do so. anybody can create. it doesn't take special skills or materials or know how. sure, if you are creating something specific it does, but in general you don't need anything but your two hands and the want to do it.

i know art is like that. i know. i know art is creating and creating is art. but to me, the act of creating is way more accessible. and i know that comes from not thinking my art would be good enough, having control issues, and not really "getting" a lot of art other than just liking it.

basically i am just admitting i'm a plebe when it comes to art, justifying something that needs no justification, and substituting "creating" for "art."

but, that's how i like to roll.

so, in that spirit i bring you the following video.

watch it when you have 7 minutes to really feel good about the world we live in and the people who live in it.

because if everyone were like me, there wouldn't be people like who you are going to see.

and that would be a sad, sad thing indeed.


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