Monday, January 12, 2009

monday. but in a good way.

what a pretty image, huh?


really. it's pretty. the boybarians like to sled. the world is white and beautiful.

and i'm over it. and i'm glad it's over.

moving right along.

i was going to go all braggy on you and post the scores i got back from a test the boybarians took at the beginning of the school year. they were excellent!

alas, i can't figure out how to copy and post them.

good thing they didn't give ME the test. har har.

anyhow, they both scored between 98 and 99% for their age groups and levels in things like reading, comprehension, mathematics, deduction, reasoning, blah blah blah.

i am very proud!!! and moreover i have hard proof that i may actually be doing my job. or, hard proof that they are just smart enough to compensate for and overcome the odds presented to them by having me as their teacher.

in matters of love and raising children don't ever rule ANYTHING out.

moving right along.

i just had to say the following in a louder than usual voice

"it CAN'T be impossible! it's second grade math!!"

if truer words were ever spoken i don't know what they are. it's third grade math when impossible started for me! ha ha. no, really, it's true. sigh.

moving right along.

it turns out that having the flu for two weeks wasn't enough and i've got something again. fever, hacking, body aches, the works. i am feeling better, but i think that's all relative at this point.

good times.


it's a new year!! and it's monday!! a new week and therefore a fresh start!! and that's a very good thing indeed!

no, really! it's true! so i wish you a happy monday and a great start to all that's going to go right this week.


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