Wednesday, May 28, 2008

my other brain is the internet.

this is the week that the duke takes the two day test out at the big church in the middle of nowhere.

for the first year i waited all day both days in the parking lot for fear of leaving him at a big church in the middle of nowhere.

that was as fun as it sounds.

last year he told me to just leave him, he was fine, and he would be fine until i came back to get him.

i was reluctant but left anyway. but before i went i found the "church" part of the church went inside and prayed to god that he would be safe from underpaid and bitter proctors, religious fanatics attacking from the outside, and creepy janitors with basement offices.

this year i'm giving it less thought and i don't think i'll have to offer up my prayer. at least not in the church. i'll just offer it up the way i normally do every day. keep him safe and close and free from harm. always.

i don't know how we relax about things exactly. it being such a gradual process and all.

sure he's older and sure i'm no wiser, but i am learning to let go. a bit.

in other news, the raccoons have discovered my compost.

there's a metaphor, huh?

the lord of the ring saw them, well one, out there last night when he was trying to drag in our vagabond kitty.

will they come every night and feast on the compost, i wonder?

because i can't have that. i'm all for raccoons, it's just i'd like some actual dirt from this compost one day AND raccoons hanging around is not good for the cats living here. cats who don't like to come in when they're called because they all think they're special and exempt, and because i think they rather like me hauling my ass out there in the dark and giving them a ride home.

plus, there was that little 700 dollar matter of the mama cat being attacked by raccoons and having a subsequent and costly surgery last year. no thanks.

maybe i get a bin? what kind? and a bin seems a bit like cheating, doesn't it?

you can see i've gotten a lot farther in this gardening thing. sheesh.

i guess i'll online because isn't that what you do when you don't know what to do?

new wine blog tonight. AND it's champagne dahlings, so put on your pearls and cleanse your palates!


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gojirama said...

Oh, I know how hard this letting go thing is. The Boy will be going to camp in Eastern WA for 5 days, HE won't let me chaperone and the DM won't let me get him a cel phone so I can check up on him. Love to you, mama...