Wednesday, May 21, 2008

adventures in clothing; part two.


so on the same trip to old navy that yielded the little black maternity dress i managed to get a good deal on some shirts for the boybarians.

the shirts were basically the same, with a variation in the screened design and color.

button up soft cotton polo, blue with some stripes and a skate design on the duke's , and white with a surf/palm tree design on wingman's.

the duke put his on, buttoned to. the. very. top., untucked with flat front khakis and his monochrome black chuck taylor's.

"i feel taller in this outfit"

"oh. well, why don't you unbutton that top button?"

"i never button the top button"

"i noticed. but why?"

"because i'm uptight. and ticklish"

well. then.

so later in the morning wingman comes out with his new shirt on. completely unbuttoned, with a not so clean pajama shirt on underneath, tucked into big silk basketball shorts, pirate socks pulled all the way up to his knees and tennis shoes. the pair that's missing the tongue in one shoe, and peeling on the sole on the other shoe. not the pair that fits better and is cleaner and newer. the old falling apart pair because he loves them best.

this represents an "outfit" to wingman.

"oh, wingman, you're wearing your new shirt"


"is that what you're wearing to art class?"



so i'm living with felix unger and the big lebowski.

so. yeah.


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