Friday, April 25, 2008

howdy! howdy!

good lord but i am busy.

the duke's birthday is this weekend and it's like a jewish holiday with the multiple days of celebration!

plus, school, baseball, new art class, piano, trying to whip the yard into shape now that the weather is better, the list is endless.

one bright note is the duke wants to see the roman art exhibit in the big city as part of his birthday fun! i am very much looking forward to that and to traipsing around the big city pretending that i live there and not in the middle of nowhere where there is no escape unless you fill up the gas guzzling beast. and then escape to where? dairy queen? the mall?

and the weather is actually supposed to be nice this weekend so that just makes all of it just a bit more bearable.

in other news the boys are both LOVING their new art class and i couldn't be more pleased. they are really applying themselves and learning a lot about technique, materials, etc. but if you ask them about it they'll say

"yeah. i like it"

roll. eyes.

it's funny what i see and what we talk about and then when asked directly by another adult they've suddenly got nothing to say.

in other other news wingman was dragged along to book club yesterday in the interest of not wanting to drive all the way home to drop him off after art class and he's decided it's not so bad and he's going to join. i like this because i think he has a complete and solid disinterest in joining anything organized or any group.

gee, i wonder where he gets that.

and by slightly nudging him he can actually experience something before making a decision. i don't want to force him into anything, but he has a LOT of interests at his age and i'd like him to have the opportunity to explore them. and he just doesn't want to. because he doesn't want to join anything. so, this book club thing is positive in that he sees it's not what he thought it was and is actually kinda fun.

we'll see. the kid plans on living with us the rest of his life and collecting allowance so maybe it doesn't matter if he learns to be in a group or not.

special wine blog tomorrow night!!!!

my little sister is coming for a visit and she wants to "review" a wine with me. so stay tuned it should be a good time!!


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