Monday, April 14, 2008

communication 101

yesterday the duke was being disagreeable and snarky about some tasks i was after him to finish.

so i said jokingly

"you better watch it, bub. i'm working on your curriculum for next year. with the attitude you're giving me, well it'd be shame for it to reflect on curriculum planning"

he paused and then said all sadly

"you mean you won't buy me any?"

and there you have it. i'm joking about piling it on and he's worried i won't purchase any.

if only all of our future mother/son arguments would pan out so "well."

while i know they won't, it's a perfect example of communication between family members. how it can be misinterpreted, however charmingly. because generally misinterpretation is not terribly charming in its outcome.

and a good reminder to keep the snarky joking to a minimum or at least dialogue about it lest the boybarians take things the wrong way and totally to heart.

words are so important, as is intent. and the ability to joke and be lighthearted is important too, i just need to remember what it feels like to be little and to be able to explain and tone it down when necessary.

though, i retain my right to verbally threaten to sell them to the gypsies whenever the need arises.

and mean it.


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