Tuesday, October 23, 2007

it figures that i feel like i should feel worse.

with 5 cats in the house you'd think it would have ceased to be funny a long time ago when one cat sniffs another cat's butt.

apparently, though, if you're six it's never not funny. gut busting laughing your patooty off funny.

anyway, i guess i have the flu? i put that with a question mark because i feel really awful, but not as awful as i think i should. though i am fevery, sweaty, achy, tired but can't sleep, i still feel like i should feel worse for it to qualify as the flu and therefore call in sick to work.

(HA! excuse me while i fall down and pee my pants with THAT one! call in sick, priceless)

but the main tipper is the unexplained spontaneous weeping. i do that when i'm really sick.

or going through a particularly bad break-up. but, since the lord of the ring is still around, i guess it's the flu.


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