Wednesday, October 10, 2007

funnies from the duke.

so the other day we noticed that one of the neighbor's sheep who graze in our pasture had bitten the dust. or was sleeping reeeeaaaallllyy heavily for a reeeeaaaalllyy long time. at any rate when we left the sheep was lying there, when we came back several hours later the sheep was still lying there.

which wouldn't have surprised me at all if it were one of our cats.

anyhow, i said

"wow. i guess it's dead"

to which the duke replied,

"yep. now all we have to do is wait for the buzzards to set in"

two days later we were in the truck stopped at a light. we both look over to notice a woman practically inhaling a fast food burrito in the car next to us. the duke says

"wow. look at her jaws go"

in case you haven't guessed it from my absence, things are crazy busy here. school takes the day pretty much, and the homeschool group we joined also seems to keep us busy.

this week we're making paper with the group and last week we went rock climbing. in two weeks we have a field trip. it's good to get out, but it's also one more thing on the schedule.

in the meantime, it's definitely fall here with an eye towards winter. and my mission should i choose to figure out how to actually do it this year considering i have flaked the last 9 years is to get these godforsaken bulbs in the ground so spring blooms in a bounty of color.

hey, if i managed to move those christmas boxes in the hall then i bet i can do this!

oh, wait, yeah, i guess i didn't.



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