Wednesday, October 31, 2007


you know it's halloween when you've got tacky glue, thread, and felt bits adhered to various parts of your person and "darth vader cod piece" on your computer bookmarks.

or. not. for those of you who like that sort of thing. and trust me, after trolling a few costuming sites looking for ideas i now know there is a whole world out there filled with costume making and dressing up that has nothing to do with halloween or children.

that being said, i maintain that murphy's law comes with a vengeance at least one halloween in a child's/costume making mother's lifetime.

this year the costume for the duke was the most difficult to pull off in terms of figuring it out and fiddliness, add in battery operated, and a LAST MINUTE SHIPPED ITEM (premium shipping...yeah) and he has had a fever the past few days and will likely miss halloween all together.

if i ever dress up for halloween it will be as murphy's law. or an angry mob.

the sweet part is wingman said

"if you have to stay home from trick or treating i'll share my candy with you"

and when i was putting the finishing touches on his costume he also said

"you look like you could use some help"

and came back with some scissors and glue.

he really is sweet. they both are.

but like i've whined about in years past and i will continue to whine about every year, why is it they can't ever choose to be ghost for halloween? just once?


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