Tuesday, October 17, 2006

coffee table tablescape, 10:05 p.m. 10.17.06

1-2-3 draw- art book

can of colored pencils

white drawing paper

play treasure chest

julio franco and rocco baldelli baseball cards

pad of paper with drawing of our house complete with imaginary attic, and imaginary pets

water glass, half-full

partially eaten apple from the tree

now we are six by a.a. milne

homemade bookmark for above book...it's orange and folded and has HARRY POTTER written on it

wine glass

wine bottle

t.v. remote

cell phone

baby doll hat

boybarians are sound asleep

the news is nearly over (they said "seattle's own dave matthews"...good. lord. i can hardly wait to make a name for myself and buy a house in the emerald city...then suddenly i'm never-more not from a cow town in california!!!)

we are here.


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