Wednesday, June 04, 2008

there are those who love to get dirty and those who love to eventually be able to wear a tank top in public.

today i am shoveling dirt.

i am moving dirt from one spot to another.

i am shoveling it into a wheelbarrow and transporting it down part of the driveway into the neighbor's pasture gate through to our pasture and dumping it.

because i don't have anywhere else to put all this dirt and because one day the lord of the ring wants to build a garage and will need to build up the land to put it he said hey dump your dirt right there. it can't hurt.

so, my little bit of dirt starts the process. a process 10 years in the talking and 10 more years in the financial doing.

no matter, with this action i clear the spot we need cleared and i create the spot we need created.

if i were a bit more zen, i would find some kind of meditation in this. some inner peace with the work. my mind would be cleared and my body would be at rest even with the effort.

as it is, i am thinking shit yeah! this will be great for my arms and my ass!

gary snyder i am not.

but as far as i know he didn't gain 75+ pounds with each pregnancy coupled with an unnatural love for wine and cheese and thus can afford to be all zen.

some of us just don't have that luxury.


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gojirama said...

You are not alone. that's the ONLT thing that gets me doing yard work.