Monday, June 09, 2008

rainy days and mondays and big rigs.

so we were at baseball yesterday and the catcher for the other team got a ball to the chest.

right at the part where the chest protector wasn't. poor buddy.

all the parents on our team and understandably the parents on the other team were quiet and anxious to see how he would do.

but a friend was tearing up and actually crying at the injury and the lord of the ring saw her and said

"you're crying. no wonder you guys are friends (pointing to me) she cries at everything, too!"

"it's true. i do. commercials, parades, everything"

to which the lord of the ring said

"i came in the other night and she was watching t.v. and crying at that show trick my truck!"

it's true. i was.

but to be fair, they did a really nice job tricking out that truck.

new wine blog sometime this week. baseball has taken over our lives with the playoffs and the little league has some pesky rule about drinking alcohol in the stands or else i'd just do an in the field review.

and trust me, that would make sitting in those cold and sometimes wet stands a hell of a lot better! we're still waiting for spring and holding no breaths. and by the time we get home it's too damned late for me to try and make any sense. you get the picture.

but it's champagne again so it's well worth the wait!


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