Monday, March 03, 2008

want to add a little excitement to your day?

take a time release vitamin. especially one that colors your pee.

you take it in the morning and totally forget.

then, when you least expect it a routine bathroom trip becomes a two or three times a day freak out with the unexpected existence of neon yellow pee.

good times.

of course this only lasts the first few days of taking said vitamin before you get used to it and it no longer provides the same level of excitement.

or, it does, in which case perhaps you ought to get out more.

happy monday.



Doc said...

When the novelty wears off, that's when you sneak the vitamins into someone's juice, so they freak out. Heh heh.

x. said...

and the bag of tricks just keeps on growing. LOL!


x. said...

in fact, it brings to mind the time i accidentally gave a really cute boy i liked TWO correctol laxatives instead of ibuprofen. easy mistake, they were roughly the same color and living in a jar of pills my pill popping roommate kept in the medicine chest.

yeah, we never went out after that.