Monday, March 31, 2008

life is a cabaret.

wingman has a beautiful voice. he sings a LOT. he makes up songs, hums, the works.

he does not want to join a choir or study voice. he does not want to sing in front of others.

shit, there goes my retirement plan.

anyhow, lately he has been repeating what people say in song.

for instance,

"wingman put on your shoes, it's time to go"

"put on your shoes, your shoes it's time to go...."

"wingman, leave. me. alone!"

"leave me alllllooooone! allllooooonnnee!!!"

this morning i was stirring cream into coffee while the duke was regaling me with his knowledge of vitamin k.

"so, if there wasn't vitamin k we'd all bleed to death"

"bleeding to really hurts!"



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am laughing because right at this very moment Terra is sitting on my shoulders singing (very sweetly) "you are are wrooooong, you are very, very, very wrooong" to her brother...who is, apparently, wrong.