Monday, December 31, 2007


the last day of the year.


what i really hope for this year is that americans will take the recent and not so recent events worldwide and be appreciative of their ability to vote in "free, fair, and democratic" elections.

(i put that in quotes for obvious reasons, but the sentiment stands)

without having to riot, without assassination, and without the battle battle battle to put a ballot in a box.

sure, our elections process on all levels could use more oversight and they are far. from. perfect.

BUT, fuck man. we have the right to vote!!! there are people in this world who can't even imagine that right. who will work all of their lives and battle all of their lives and will never. have. that. right.

and even when the system breaks down and doesn't work, oh and it does, we still get to vote. which means we get chance after chance to try and change it. it does do good. it really does.

not voting is not sending a message. not voting is a threat to democracy.

so i say 2008 is the year to stop bitching about what is and seek positive change for what can be.

and you can start by using your right to vote again and again and again and again and again.

if the bulk of the voting population actually voted, rather than these dismal numbers we generally see, we'd see the difference it can really make. but we also have to be willing to keep voting and be patient for the shift.

and isn't it cool we can do that without risking life and limb and liberty?

so lets make 2008 the year we encourage one another to use our right to vote and make steps towards positive change.

here's to a happy new year!


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