Wednesday, December 12, 2007

rookie mom move.

you'd think after nearly 11 years at this gig and countless years before as a nanny i'd know the basics.

you know, keep the kid fed, wiped down, and always have a hat/snack/drink on hand.

but two nights ago i threw myself my own wrench. proving that the basics have far reaching tentacles that can mess with the program at. any. time.

it was the second to the last night of hanukkah and the boybarians received a card game. a card game requiring 4 or more players.

i know, huh? what the hell? and when i relayed this story to others the reactions were one of two

"wow, i'm really surprised you missed that."

and you can just hear their cogs a turning reviewing all they previously held as favorable opinion of my skills as a mother.


"what in the hell were you smoking!"

and then you just hear laughter of the 'you are so screwed' variety.


my kids LOVE games. my husband and i DO NOT. i always tell the duke he was born into the wrong family. that somewhere out there his real family exists. a family filled with game playing freaks.

and wingman wins every game he plays no matter what so he's ALWAYS down for a game. surprising.

i can't believe i didn't read the box. the ideal situation gone horribly wrong. a new game is good for at least three days of the kids playing it together, elsewhere in another part of the house. three blissful days of something to do that doesn't have to do with me.

unless you don't read the box. and you purchase and give a game that requires 4 or more players.

i have, and will continue to suffer the consequences and not be so cavalier in the future. i can't afford to be.

in other news, i informed the boybarians we will be moving their desks upstairs to their room.

this will serve two purposes. one, though they rarely use their desks for school, a dedicated space somewhere away from everyone else might be quite attractive.

and two, the duke's desk looks like a yard sale gone wrong and just left in the yard without ever being packed back up, and wingman's desk isn't much better. except right after he cleans it, then he takes every little tchotchke he owns and "displays" them on his tiny desk rendering it deserted gift shop creepy and absolutely useless.

anyhow, i was explaining this and letting the duke know that i knew that the finish on his desk was not conducive to writing and i would get him a blotter so he could have a smooth surface.

then he said

"yeah, and i'll need a coffee mug that says 'world's best boss', too. you know, for my pencils."

well, he got the 'boss' part right.

now all he needs is that suit and he's set.


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