Thursday, November 03, 2005

one more reason NOT to believe everything you hear...

yesterday wingman and i were in the bathroom getting his bottom properly wiped...

by the way, this whole "intelligent design" theory might have more of a chance with me if kids were "designed" to get their own butts properly cleaned WITHOUT MY ASSISTANCE before the age of eight!

anyhow, we are standing there and wingman is talking about his *pee pee* and then he asks

"hey mama, do you have a pee-pee?...oh that's right (OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO MENTION HE CAN PRONOUNCE HIS TH SOUND NOW!) everyone has a pee-pee"


"but is your pee-pee like mine?"

"no, girls have a pee-pee that's inside of their body and it's called a vagina...boys have a pee-pee outside of their body and it's called a penis...remember we talked about that?"

"a vagina?...well, i'm just gonna say you have a penis"

"but i don't...i have a vagina"

then he just sighs all wearily like it's all just too much for him then with a dismissive wave of the hand and while leaving the room he says

"but i'm just gonna say my mom has a penis"

whatever's easiest long as you learn to wipe your own ass you can say whatever you want...

and after that, i could REALLY use today's $1 menu tao


clearing blue sky,
a promise in bare branches.
in winter, there are sunny days.
in adulthood, childhood can return.

i have never in my life been accused of being optimistic...and usually in my adulthood childhood returns in the form of selfishness and tantrumming...

BUT i recognize that optimism may truly be the one thing that keeps this old rock we call home whirring away...that and hope and faith, which are different ways of experiencing optimism...or innocence, if you are a child...

optimism is just that little shaft of light, or dry patch, or comfy chair in which to rest a minute...optimism suggests that there is always something more, a possibility, a new day, one more chance to make one more first step in this journey of so many...optimism is the successful marriage of heart and soul, brain and body...

now that is what i call intelligent design...


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