Monday, October 10, 2005

who needs therapy when you have children?

there's nothing like the matter-of-factness of children to point out what exactly is wrong in our lives...and it's usually so simple a misstep(s), what we would consider a mere hiccup in the cosmic belch of our deeper rooted basic are these issues that they are dismissed in favor of the flashier dilemmas and demons that plague us...which means too often we focus on the prime time problems while the awful truth goes unnoticed...but not by a child...

for instance any time i come down the stairs in something *other* than pajamas or stretchy pants some child or another who lives here will look up excitedly and say

"where are we going?"


"um, then why are you dressed?"

or when i am cleaning house in *any* capacity some child or another who lives here will inevitably ask

"wow!...who's coming over?"

"no one"

"oh...are you sure?"

both of which suggest either action doesn't take place all that often therefore further suggesting *someone* needs to get her shit together and soon...

and that most people probably don't need therapy they just need a maid...

and now because we all need a little more spirit and a bit more wisdom in our lives i introduce to you a new feature i call the

$1 menu tao

no no no, it's not a gut busting grease ball of cheap chinese food but rather an easily digestible, makes you think, tastes great! less filling! take on the tao te honor of the tao and my apparent overwhelming laziness it will be easy and fast and yet depthy (is depthy a word?...yeah, i didn't think so but you know what i mean)...because while the tao te ching is one of the most important books i have ever read, sometimes it's nice to get a dose of spirit in the fast acting quick dissolving tablets...

so i turn to my handy dandy tao for dummies book and bring you today's $1 menu tao


this is the moment of embarking.
all auspicious signs are in place.

now how appropriate is THAT!...huh?!?...see! timely! if the tao KNOWS what i'm thinking! KNOWS today is the beginning of the $1 menu tao! can't BUY connection like that!...

seriously, i wholeheartedly encourage each and everyone of you to read the the actual tao te ching...really, if you haven't it's a must...

but in the meantime, enjoy the drive through version...


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