Saturday, September 03, 2005

the bitch is back...(sort of)

hello my friends!

man have i missed you all...i am only slightly back until monday...which is back to school for the duke and i so i can't make any promises of a real post...

so here i am...the last two weeks found me in the thick of lil sis's wedding and then a wonderful vacation seeing the absolute best people in the most beautiful places of california...

anyhow, just wanted to touch base and let you know you have not been let off the hook!

and just to let you know what i continue to deal with, vacation or otherwise, i offer you this little nugget regarding the port of oakland...wingman asked

"wow, what's in all those containers, mama!?"

"oh, all kinds of stuff from all over the world"

to which the duke replies

" silks...and spices...and hyundais"

there oughta be a law.

looking forward to being back...


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