Friday, July 26, 2013

aha moments.

wingman bought one of those old yellow sony walkmans on e-bay. you know the ones for playing  cassette tapes during some kind of activity. he's been waiting for days and this morning it came. he bought it because he has a box of old tapes. mostly mine. mostly mix tapes made for me.

"this is so much cooler than i expected, " he said.

i am drinking coffee. just drinking coffee and thinking about time.

"ooh, a box!" he just said. and put the box it came in on his head.

life takes a long time to live. and moment by moment it's the most fascinating. mainly because those moments get strung all together and lose their individuality in favor of the whole. and in the passing of time.

and then you look up. and in that moment it seems so all of a sudden that you have a 12 year old. and he's listening to your old a-ha tape on a sony walkman. with a box on his head.

and you're 42 years old.

and you remember getting that tape when you were 14.

but all those moments in between?

if only.


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