Monday, July 20, 2009

happy birthday carlos santana.

38 things i've learned in the past year.

38. i am way more patriotic than i thought i was.
37. i had to be talked into liking obama. (i know, right? WTF?)
36. algebra makes me sweat. seriously sweat.
35. my kids are smarter than me.
34. they just don't know it yet. whew.
33. i've learned to not take life personally. it just is.
32. i am totally okay with the gray hair.
31. i am totally digging the curves.
30. i could totally do without it being hard for me to see while driving at night.
29. i am way more hypocritical than i thought i was.
28. i have learned to do things with full intent.
27. i have learned to trust that i know what i'm doing.
26. and yet half the time i feel like i'm winging it.
25. i still feel like i'm 17 inside.
24. i am really good at this parenting thing.
23. i am not modest.
22. scrubbing people's toilets for money is honest work.
21. i can do anything for money if it means taking care of my family.
20. except let people take advantage of me.
19. and i've learned to flip a table a la real housewives of new jersey if you try. FINALLY!
18. i like wine more than a girl should.
17. i will no longer dance in public because i have lost all rhythm.
16. i don't know how to be fashionable without asking for help.
15. i don't text. i won't text. don't ask.
14. my heart keeps expanding. it is limitless in its capacity.
13. if i love you i won't stop. ever.
12. i miss you when you're not here.
11. i have come to absolutely love the field out beyond wrong doings and right doings.
10. i can keep calm and carry on.
9. i have abundant faith.
8. i am braver than i thought i could ever be.
7. i am strong.
6. i can let go.
5. i will probably have to.
4. and i'm okay with that.
3. and that is probably the most surprising thing from the past year.
2. only love prevails.
1. i am the luckiest girl in the world.

happy birthday to me.


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Mom, Wife, and, Student said...

Happy birthday you silly mortal!!