Monday, November 24, 2008


on friday i went on a hike with the duke.

and as i hiked in second growth forest and then crossed into old growth forest i was thinking about life such as it is. what is going right, what could be a hell of a lot smoother.

did you know that an old growth forest is warmer than the second growth? bigger trees, denser canopy, more all around to trap in the warm air and keep out the cold. and then there is the magic of an old growth forest. a cosmic HA! to the blades and machine of history and consumption and progress.

soon instead of old and tired worries tossing about in my head i was only consumed the smell of the forest and the feeling of damp earth under my feet. the familiar and joyful feeling of my own two legs strong enough to propel me up the steep hill side and navigate mucky switchbacks, and it all reminded me that wherever i am, here i am.

that i've been "here" before. at any number of stages in my life there has been a forest, with steep hillsides and mucky switchbacks. and i've always made it up and i've always made it out.

and i was reminded once again that everything really is just a matter of attitude and time.

the tao teaches that forbearance is the idea that neither bad fortune or good fortune will alter who we are. that by remaining true to our inner selves and bearing all kinds of fortune with patience, that we will see the way.


Arctic breath coils the mountain,

Rattling the forests' bones.

Raindrops cling to branches:

Jewelled adornment flung to earth.

(from 365 Tao by Deng Ming-Dao; pictures from local old growth forest)



kelly said...

I recently watched a movie called "Love Actually." One of my favorite scenes is set to Joni's tune "Both Sides Now" which, like this piece of yours, deals with "...attitude and time." Your voice is the warmth in the old growth forest my friend:)

x. said...

well, see then, it just goes to prove that aligning myself with the great minds of our time and times gone by was a far better use of my time that, say, going to college.

and far cheaper, too.